We have used ACNS twice to repair our computer. The first was a hardware problem; the second was a software problem which required wiping the entire hard disk and reinstalling Vista and the original programs. Tyler made sure that I had the original CDs to restore my additional programs. He then saved my data and started the cleanup. In a short time and at a very reasonable cost, we were up and running again. I do not hesitate to recommend ACNS for any computer problems.

Gloria Pattillo Dahlonega, GA

In order to build and grow a successful company, you must make good decisions on where you focus your investments and resources. In every phase of our business we critically evaluate whether we BUILD, BUY or PARTNER. Our decision to PARTNER with ACNS for our technology infrastructure design, build and run services continues to be one of the best decisions we have made. From startup seven years ago to over $10M in revenue last year, the team at ACNS has provided exemplary support every step of the way.

Eric T. Helman ContinuousHealth, LLC
Atlanta, GA

Rabun County contracts with ACNS for all of our IT issues. Having contracted with them has saved us not only money but valuable time as well. ACNS is like having not only additional employees, but great friends that you can call on anytime for help. Anytime we have called them about an issue we have received fast, reliable and most of all friendly service.

Before we contracted with ACNS we had a contract with a different vendor. The service was slow at best and they only handled certain equipment. ACNS handles all of our equipment from servers to individual computers and copiers. In addition to this, they handle our back-ups, our phone system, email system and any other IT issue or problem.

In the past, I spent countless hours fixing or setting up new email accounts, fixing printers, etc. Now all we do is place a call or email to ACNS! We could not be happier with the service we receive from them. Best of all each time we call we are treated like a close friend regardless of whom we speak to at ACNS. We have found all employees of ACNS to be knowledgeable, reliable and very helpful anytime we call them. Rabun County is proud to recommend ACNS to all businesses small or large including local and municipal governments.

Debra J. Jacobs County Clerk/CFO
Rabun County Board of Commissioners