About Us

ACNS was born and raised in North Georgia; we were founded in 2001 and have been growing ever since. We start our day at our headquarters in Dahlonega but our clients range all over north and central Georgia. It is not uncommon for our technicians to be in Gainesville, Cumming or Norcross! Our staff of professional technicians has over 36 years of combined experience as IT business advisors, which translates to our clients as money saved when an issue arises.

When Joey Anderson left the corporate IT world to open ACNS one thing was for sure, we treat our clients like family. Our company is all about computers. We do computer Sales/Repair, Networking computer systems, and managed services, where we monitor 24/7 your system to insure you are always able to do your job.

One of the most important parts of IT work is consulting. Making a plan that fits your budget and goals makes good business sense and gives you long term guidance. As part of our services we go a step further after making the plan that we have implemented, we set up a reporting program so you can actually see what’s happening to your network, hardware or any software challenges. We help you budget for those new computers or servers, as Joey says “Our clients are our friends, we are going to help them anyway we can. That’s our job.”

Several years ago we went ahead and established a vaulted cloud for our clients use. We have designed it to handle what we call, the virtual ‘Universal Office’ for the small business owner. SMBs need to have flexibility to compete in today’s market and time is money, so instant access to your data is critical. We have made it simple to do at a reasonable price. We have storage capacity as big as your company wants to go. If your work is seasonal we can adjust your cloud needs to save you money!

To round out our services we have added VoIP/Integrated telephone system, again, giving you flexibility in your business dynamics. 

Since our goal is to make you successful we are constantly looking for the best options for you. We say what you need to hear, not always what you want to hear. If our job is picking out the best computer for your needs or designing a network to join all your offices together, whatever the issue we make it work for you at the best possible value and still provide quality equipment! When we help you with virtualizing your office or whatever your needs, you will soon see why so many of our clients have been with us over 10 years!