At ACNS, we know technology and how to put it to work for your business. Our team of engineers is knowledgeable in all major technologies and can guide you with all your decisions and projects. All our engineers are local and ready to move forward in a timely manner.

Computer Upgrades and Migrations

Whether you need a new email server or you need to upgrade all your laptops, we can handle the migrations and hardware upgrades. ACNS is ready to get down to details and timelines!

Telephone deployment including cabling

Is your phone held together with duct tape and you can’t get any more parts, then you are ready for our VoiP magic. There are so many options, all we need is a list of your needs and we’ll get the quotes ready.

Network Design

We can help you build and design the ideal network for your office environment. We have performed numerous projects and chances are we have seen an environment just like yours.  ACNS will offer the design that we think will fit your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, take advantage of the combined experience and skills of our engineers!

Risk Assessment

How secure is your network and data? Security and backup can be a life or death situation for a company.  45% of companies that have encountered a major security/backup disaster never recover. Our company thinks making sure you are protected is paramount. ACNS will make recommendations, knowing small government requirements and service oriented businesses vulnerabilities, so you make informed decisions regarding how you are going defend against any potential threats.

Virtualization Design and Implementation

We can help you through the entire process of choosing the right virtualization technology and implementing it into your office environment. Let virtualization save you money by reduced downtime, realization of a competitive edge and attracting and retaining employees. Contact ACNS to put Virtualization to work for you.

Website Development

When we took on hosting websites and emails we knew we needed to provide a source for website development. Our company has partnered with developers that we feel comfortable enough with to add our ACNS seal of approval to their services. Our partners specialize in custom web design and development, assisting clients with every aspect of a web development project – from marketing to content development, graphic design, programming and website launch.

Office Moves

Moving your office with all your computers and servers can be a daunting task. Just call or email us and we can take care of the entire move and setup in your new location. Can’t make up your mind which location suits you best, no worries, give us a call and we can help with that final expense decision!