Managed Services

We are a Managed Service Provider and it is our job to assume the ongoing responsibility for monitoring, managing and/ or problem resolution for your IT systems and functions, on your behalf. Just like larger companies, smaller businesses rely on technology to operate efficiently and compete effectively. It is a challenge for SMBs to handle the necessary backups, patches and security updates. If you fail to keep your system updated chances are that you’ll face an IT outage or another problem that negatively impacts your business. By not having a Managed Service Provider maintain your system you will find technology is a double bladed sword. The technology your company relies upon to conduct its business can be exposed significantly to vulnerability to cyber security threats. As we all know these attacks can drastically affect both your out of pocket and reputational costs and devastate your bottom line.

Managed services traditionally are priced on a contract basis; we have found we can provide our clients a better alternative. ACNS saves the conscientious business owner money by working on an hourly basis. We will be the IT extension of your company and you won’t have to pay our health insurance and taxes!  

By using this system we are able of offset our fees by the money saved in your company’s efficiency! Every CFO likes a vender that saves the company money!

Our monitoring system takes care of the routine IT infrastructure 24/7. This proactive approach is a win/win for the client. You can rest assure your IT is functioning properly allowing you to run the business instead of attempting to run the IT. It saves you man power knowing your employees can access their data confidently.

We provide reports that show where the client is having network issues, repetitive computer break downs and reoccurring security issues.  If you don’t fall behind in keeping up with your IT needs the odds are that you will have the edge over your competition.

Over the years, we have learned how important it is to have Managed Services fit your needs. We can focus on specific areas and functions such as storage and related management system or desktop management and help desk services. Other areas that we commonly manage are your server hardware, operating systems and email support.

How do you go about determining your IT needs and budget? First, think about your requirements, will you need someone overseeing the office computers, printers and scanners? Is someone maintaining your warranties? Are you sure your data and software are being properly backed up? Where the points of pain are in your present network, do you always loss connectivity after a storm? Does your system go down when all the employees are on a program? Are you continuously getting viruses? Then determine how many man hours you are losing due to inability to use your network or email? With this information you will be able to see what kind of IT budget you are going to need and be able to explain in detail to our Consulting team what it will take to keep your company functioning efficiently.

Our comprehensive consultation will include all your considerations and adapt a plan especially for you! This approach helps companies best plan and prepare for a smooth functioning IT network. It also enables you to clearly articulate a concept of your needs when addressing software issues to a third party vender.

How do we handle third party venders? Our protocol in this situation is verify, and then verify again. Two positive conclusions come out of this.

  • We have shown it’s not our issue, helping to speed up recovery time.
  •  It helps the other vender establish where the problem stems and correct as quickly as possible.

Using this methodology of analyzing your company profile and needs, we are better able to guarantee a smooth sailing ship thru the IT world.

In summary, we will

  1. Provide a review process of your system and needs with scheduled reports.
  2. Discuss your product and changes in your professional arena that may affect your business dynamics.
  3. Set up a plan with minimum requirements of your network needs to run the business, and make you aware of hardware and software that brings extra security and hardier backup solutions.
  4.  Show what is the financial impact to maintain the system and how can we help with long term planning.

Our clients and partners know that ACNS( Anderson Computer & Network Services) delivers the highest level of quality creative service.