Cloud Solutions

ACNS has been providing our clients a Cloud solution for years. Unlike the majority of IT companies that sub contract their hosting services from another company, we have a secured vault that is the epicenter of our Cloud. The advantage to our clients is we have immediate control if a problem occurs.  Are SMBs ready for the Cloud? When queried, across the board, most decision makers still do not have a clear idea about Cloud computing. What is cloud computing? Can you trust your data on the cloud? Can regular small/medium businesses benefit from the cloud? Can you get your software on the cloud?  The best way to explain it is; the Cloud is software built for and run over the Internet.

The definition from a combination of dictionaries describes the Cloud as:

The Cloud symbol depicts the architecture of hardware and software that is obscured from view by the cloud. The Cloud is a service usually delivered over a WAN (wide area network) the internet, it can also be delivered in a dedicated network (private). Just think of the ability for data that just pops in the cloud and pops out the other side, simplistically speaking. You can access information from any computer from anywhere in the world.

What are the advantages for using Cloud computing? As said earlier, the biggest thing about the Cloud is the ability to access information from any computer from anywhere in the world. ACNS likes the term   ’Cloudonomics’, the economics of the Cloud, to explain the advantages of using the Cloud.   Cloudonomics is collaboration-sharing of services- from anywhere. For example, a worldwide company is working on a huge project, during the day the employees in the U.S. are working on the project and as they are leaving for the day another team on the other side of the world picks up the project and moves it forward to completion. Everything is shared and visible.

Another Cloudonomics is better and faster communications. Using the Cloud, management can closely monitor all data. Another huge feature is the Cloud can be expanded or just as easily it can be consolidated. This is a wonderful feature for a business that has seasonal fluctuations.

Using the Cloud takes the worry out of maintaining hardware onsite,  ACNS takes care of software/hardware worries. Can you trust your data on the Cloud? If you are using a dedicated or virtual Cloud your exposure to the viral world is lessened and the protection is increased. If you are using one of these public clouds well, I certainly think it would be safer than an unprotected computer (like we see every day).  Would the Cloud be a good application for a very small business? We think it really depends on the type of business, and how much you use the computer in your business. If you are on the road taking orders then it’s a must. What can you expect? Ease of use and a reasonable monthly bill!

Our consulting team will come and see your operation checking your needs and goals then make a presentation for your review. There is no charge for this service (quote) and it’s a great way to get to learn about our company and other services we offer that may be a benefit to you!