Computer repair

Small/Medium sized business and home offices know what kind of day they are going to have if the computers are down, if your customer relationship management system has a glitch or your email server isn’t responding you can clearly see this is going to negatively impact your business and bottom line.  

Talking about losing the game and watching your business walk to your competitor! It’s an unnecessary hassle to send your computer back to the manufacturer.  49% of SMB do not have a managed services plan that monitors their systems, if you are one of those unlucky folks you are left hoping you can get someone to show up.

ACNS’ computer repair service takes the torture out of these potential morning nightmares. Our reasonable rates start turning your day around as we provide a full service department taking care of all your IT needs. Depending on the problems a lot of times we can have you up and running in minutes by using our remote system. Whether it is an IT outage or an office move we are your one stop IT shop!

Hardware and Software Purchases

More and more software applications are web-based as businesses become more mobile. Servers can be either on-site or from a hosted solution.  Purchases of software and hardware should be specifically designed for the business.  Some of the considerations you would need to decide depends on your location, size of company now and planned, off-site sales team. Are you retail, manufacturing or a service oriented business?  Are you seasonal, do you ship overseas? All of these and other requirements will be addressed in the business advisor meeting.

Business Advisor

Are you spending more time in you IT department than your own? Tired to computers breaking down, CRMs not working, printers aren’t working with half your computers, the lists goes on and on when you are missing a vital partnership link- An IT business advisor. We can help with our Advisory team.

At the advisory meeting we examine your equipment and discuss your immediate concerns and long term plans. At the end of the day we have a clear picture of your needs and growth endeavors and we will give you a comprehensive plan for your IT support. Need to budget your IT support, give us a call.