We strive to develop lasting relationships with our clients just as we do with our partners. We have picked a select few key industry leaders as our business partners. These companies enable us to bring you the best technology and provide superior service for all your computer and network needs. As the security issues continue to grow more complex and upgrade cost escalates, businesses are faced with how to handle these challenges while keeping maintenance costs down. ACNS can develop a technology plan that addresses the growing demands of your organization.

Dell- is one of our computer and server venders. The company’s philosophy of exceptional guarantees and an environmentally responsible approach to business has made Dell a global leader and a company you, our client, can count on for higher quality hardware.
Windows 7/8 are the operating systems that we advocate due to their large library of programs and applications. Windows features include hardware compatibility, common usage and familiarity to our clientele.
Cisco- You will find Cisco as the leader in network switches, routers and VOIP phone systems connecting your workplace with technology for sustainability of productivity and seamless interfacing of networks for  the growing global workforce .  Cisco has been recognized as a leader of providing access to information or pushing communications regardless of location, with the speed, reliability and lightning fast availability. Through the use of network switches, routers and VOIP phone systems Cisco is known as a reliable company with consistency in product quality and deployment methods. Since Cisco has partnered with Unitrends the ultimate disaster recovery system) we will see a streamlining of connectivity.
Level Platforms is the world leader in remote monitoring and management software. It facilitates our engineering methodology that is critical in managed services. We are proactive in eliminating any issues that may arise for our clients, many times before the client is aware of the problem. Level Platforms by line says it all. See All. Manage All. Service All.
Aventis- supplies our pre-owned/refurbished equipment. We enjoy our relationship with Aventis as they are local and reliable, giving warranties on all machines. If you have a tight budget but want workhorse equipment then this is an excellent solution.
Symantec rules in the anti-virus world, constantly improving virus protection. They combine antivirus, anti-spyware, client firewall, client-based intrusion prevention, and device control into one complete security solution. When you think anti-virus, think Symantec.
HP-We have partnered with HP to supply laptops, desktops, servers and printers to our customers. HP is a technology company with their new logo saying “If you are going to do something, make it matter.” For a quality machine we call on a quality company, HP, making it matter.

Unitrends, a leader in enterprise-level data protection is used by IT professionals for backup of their virtual and physical servers and performing disaster recovery. Building on over 20 years of industry firsts, Unitrends continues to lead the market with its US-based support team boasting a 99% customer satisfaction rate. Unitrends has partnered with Cisco making an unbeatable disaster recovery solution!

"Fonality provides business phone systems and contact center solutions designed exclusively for small and midsize businesses. Fonality is the only provider that can deliver the same user experience in the cloud and on-premise, with innovative features that help businesses save time, communicates more efficiently and reduces costs."

Toshiba has a PC/Laptop for Every Purpose-Student. Employee. Home manager. Movie buff. Die-hard gamer. How many hats do you wear? That’s how many different PCs/laptops you’ll find here.