OneNote ready for Mac

Microsoft Releases OneNote for Mac, Free Windows Version Coming Soon according to Redmond Magazine.

“A Mac version of OneNote, Microsoft's note-taking software, was released today . While OneNote was originally available as a desktop application for Windows PCs and came with several Office bundles, this marks the first time it's been available for Apple's OS.
The Mac version brings OneNote to multiple platforms, including Windows desktops, Windows tablets (an RT version), Windows Phones, iPhones, iPads, Android phones and the Web. Data created on any of the devices is stored in a Microsoft account with 7 GB of capacity and can be accessed from any of a user's other supported devices.”

Have you used OneNote? I am just beginning to use it and find it so logical, what a wonderful way to have my various interests in one place. As many of you know I am still working as a real estate agent and on several occasions while working in that capacity I run into something what would work well for ACNS. I just open up ACNS and post my note quickly and go back to my real estate. Well, you can do that on Word, one might say. What is it about OneNote that is so appealing to so many people? Organization and easy access.