Cloud Confusion

Cloud Confusion- there is still a lot of confusion around the best approach to data security. The popular choices for a data center are- on premise, cloud or a hybrid combination. The choice is heavily influenced by need, ease of use, cost and security. The small to mid-sized companies are using the cloud, taking advantage of the ease of use and cost. Cloud adoption is gaining momentum, similar to the days people stopped hiding money in their mattresses and starting trusting the banking system. We continue to hear the rumblings that cloud offerings are not as secure as their on premise counterparts. Here is some information about our cloud solution so you can do the comparisons.

In order to access our cloud physical facility you will be finger-printed and a photo taken, even if you go to the facility regularly. There are security guards 24/7/365 as operational security. The windows, walls, doors and the main interior entry are all constructed of materials that afford UL rated ballistic protection! All the doors are alarmed and monitored, with exterior landscaping cleared of anything that would be a possible concealment for intruders.

When you enter our facility it’s like going into a futuristic setting with consistent temperature and humidity levels to ensure protection of critical technology. There is a redundant back up power and a fire suppression system. As you walk into the facility you immediately feel the hum of energy, this cosmic feeling is from the raised floors allowing space for the subfloor cabling. The whole building is hardened concrete construction designed to withstand flooding, hurricanes and seismic activity. Whew, that’s about it! What do you think? Are you ready to talk about your options? Give us a call we are here to offer the best solution for your business needs.