Team Profile

Joey Anderson

Joey Anderson, the President of ACNS began his IT experience by attending Appalachian Technical College in Pickens County.  Starting his career at MCI in 1995 Joey established himself in the field, where he worked on a unique internal help desk and developed it into an operation consisting over 60 service people.  Cigna Health Care was the next career step as Joey expanded the help desk concept with onsite support for the claims department as well as creating a work at home program.  Joey’s vision of an IT support company came together in 2001. He brought the best corporate business skills and superior customer service of a small firm together to form ACNS; Anderson Computer & Network Services. Nascar is a driving force for Joey. Meeting and getting to know drivers makes the racing experience come alive for Joey. If you want to know who won the race, Joey is your man!


Shane Black

Shane Black is an alumnus of Appalachian Technical College. Shane started his career at the Gainesville Times newspaper providing IT supports for over 100 employees in 1997 and by 2000 he had advanced to Senior Network Engineer providing On-line Banking support for 8 banks.  He honed his skills as the Senior Engineer for Metavante where his job description included the responsibility of both network availability and network security. As the administrator developing on-line security ‘best practices’ Shane insured customers had the banking safety they expected. When Shane isn’t insuring our clients security on our Innovative Hosted Solutions company he is a coach for the North Georgia Miners’, his son’s traveling baseball team. Shane is affectionately called our ‘Outdoorsman’!


Peggy A. Christie - Sales and Marketing

My favorite past-time is gardening. I approach my work with the same enthusiasm as I do my gardening. Handling Sales and marketing for a business is like having an empty patch of ground that needs to be cultivated, you start planting with your friends then friends of friends. In gardening you have to fertilize, in sales you use marketing.  Taking care of our clients, making sure they are aware of new products to help with work efficiency, and growing our business is what I enjoy doing. So it’s pretty simple, I am a gardener of people.


Thomas Taylor - Level 1 Technician

From as early as 11 years old Thomas has had a computer tucked in his backpack. Ready to explore the big wide world allowed Thomas to begin his journey into IT. After his graduation from White County High school he immediately went to Lanier Technical College to study Computer Information systems. When I asked him his favorite thing about being in the computer/technology industry he said “IT changes every day which is stimulating just keeping up. I especially enjoy repairing client’s computers and educating them on how to use them. It’s great fun!” If you can get Thomas away from computers you will find him on some mountain trail checking out Mother Nature!